Title:The Truth About The Richest Female YouTuber On The Planet
Published:25 December 2017
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With over 12 million subscribers, Indian-Canadian comedy vlogger Lilly Singh wrapped up 2016 as the richest female YouTuber on the planet, having made $7.5 million from her channel and various other ventures. Singh has come a long way from her first upload, but she remembers the trials and tribulations of those early days very clearly. From her humble beginnings to her imminent mainstream breakthrough, this is the untold truth of Lilly Singh...

YouTube 101 | 0:30
Not tryna be famous | 1:16
Finding her identity | 1:51
Moving to LA | 2:34
Celeb collabs | 3:12
Going mainstream | 3:54
Breaking in | 4:17
Goodwill ambassador | 4:56

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